To learn more about the Foundation and protecting local healthcare, below is a list of frequently asked questions. You can also submit a question of your own in the box on the below.

  1. What is the Foundation? What is its role?
    The Muskogee Medical Foundation (MMF) is a public foundation formed for the charitable purpose of raising and administering funds for the health and welfare needs of residents of Muskogee an its immediate surrounding area.
  2. What is the relationship between the City of Muskogee and the Foundation?
    The Foundation was formed in the 1970’s by the Muskogee Medical Center Authority (MMCA), a City Trust, to benefit  Muskogee Regional Medical Center (MRMC). After MRMC was leased to Capella Healthcare in 2007, the bylaws were revised to benefit health and welfare of all of Muskogee.

MMCA provides local oversight of the Foundation, providing three of the possible 20 board of directors.  The remaining members of the board are selected by the Foundation board and serve terms of three years.

  1. Who sits on the Foundation’s Board of Directors?
    The Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Chairman and President of MMCA along with an appointee of another MMCA Trustee serve on this board.  The President of MCMA also serves as President of MMF. The remaining 17 Directors are selected by the MMF board.  Directors are local community members who take seriously their responsibility to help provide funding for health and welfare services for the people of Muskogee.

The Foundation Directors are:

  • Ched Wetz, Chairman
  • Max Boydstun, Vice Chair
  • Martha Gibson, Sec/Treas
  • Evelyn Hibbs, (MMCA)
  • Jim Blair, President (MMCA)
  • Tim McElroy (MMCA)
  • Carl Critchfield
  • Ken Laubenstein
  • Peggy Parsons
  • Andrea Wilcoxen
  • Sabina Beckman
  • Ann Barker Ong
  • Carla Lovelady
  • Phyllis Spriggs
  • Chris James
  • Karra Wardour
  • Robert Rohlfing
  • Dr. Dennis Weibel
  • Weldon Stout
  1. What type of projects does the Foundation fund?
    The Foundation is very project oriented, funding free flu shot clinics, kevlar vests for EMS, Meals on Wheels, Women in Safe Homes (WISH), Good Shepherd Medical Clinic, KidSpace,  NAACP and many others.
  2.  How does an organization request funding?
    Requests from the past have come via letter, however, we have just developed an application that is available on the website or can be sent directly upon request.  The Foundation has a distribution committee that meets quarterly and will consider applications to pass on to the full board.
  3. How much in grants is awarded each year?

The Foundation typically budgets between $60,000 and $80,000 per year in total to distribute in grants.  Most grants range from $1,000-$3,000.